A downloadable game for Windows

Leek me alone!

Competitive local multiplayer - grow and throw leeks.

Play as neighbouring farmers - trying to off one another by growing explosive leeks and throwing them at each other.

Leeks needs water to grow. Unfortunately the farmers only have one watering can between them.

Fight for the watering can. Water the leeks. Throw the leeks. Throw the cat. Throw the chicken. Destroy the other farmer. Do not mind that the cat sounds like a chicken.

Two xbox controllers needed for playing.

Left analog stick - to move.

A - to jump.

X - to grab and throw.

B - to drop.

A game by: Meow I am a chicken - Benno Lüdes, Federica Orlati, Mads Anthony and Amanda James

Install instructions

(Windows) Unzip into any empty folder. Connect controllers and execute LeekMeAlone.exe. Explosions!


LeekMeAlone.zip 43 MB